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About Me

🍸 What got you into the fandom?
I was always a huge fan of werewolf movies (and wolves) growing up. In the very early 2000s I joined a website called AnimeX for the sole purpose of streaming a new anime called Wolf’s Rain… keep in mind streaming in the early 2000s was a whole lot harder to do (and rarer)! While I was on that website I stumbled upon two amazing artists - Ratbat (real name Christina Crontiris) and Whitewolf (real name Diana Kellog). For the first time I met people with similar interests (even though we never officially spoke) and discovered a budding art community on VCL. Several years went by before I met another furry (online) and eventually met Corbick and we’ve been best friends ever since.
🍸 What are your favorite drinks?
I’m going to get this out of the way - I dont care for super sweet drinks. While alcohol was never taboo in my house growing up (I tried beers and margaritas as a kid), I didn't start drinking until my mid 20s when I befriended a WWII veteran and former executive of a major retail company (now defunct). He’d bring a bottle of scotch and we’d sit and talk for a few hours. Over time I started branching out into other liquors and now prefer scotch, gin cocktails and unique smokey drinks.
🍸 Huggable? - ask first🍸 Fun Facts: loves 80’s and 90’s music (enjoys a wide range of music; bit of a HiFi nerd). Runs a Furry Auto group on Telegram (big car/truck fan) and former founder of Furry Utopia (at its height it was one of the most active furry forums on the internet) *